Who am I?

This is my first post! It’s not as deep as the title makes it sound, I promise.

“So, tell  me who you are, tell me who [insert name] is?”

I’ve always hated this question, because the answer is always…uhhhh I dunno…

This question seems to throw me into a mini existential crisis where I ponder who I am and my entire existence; yes a bit dramatic, but bear with me. Every time this question is thrown in my direction, it causes me to pull up a blank, where my entire life flashes before my life and disappears in my brain as white noise; are they expecting a one line summary of who I am? Bullet points of key events in my life? Or do they just want my name and where I’m from (which again, is a confusing question because currently I have three countries under my belt and I grew up in all of them at different periods in my life)…In any case, this question just breaks my brain a little each time, because  for a moment I forget everything about myself and when I do eventually blurt out a sentence, none of my answers feel satisfactory. Because I have no idea how to sum myself up and I’m not always the same person 100% of the time (what if I’m hungry and a bit grumpy?), I’m also a slightly different person with the different people I interact with in life – I don’t behave the same with my family compared to friends, compared to complete strangers. I’m not the same person I was a year ago and so on. But lets stop there, before I break my brain and end up sitting here on the couch asking myself why we exist.

I started this blog to, in a way, keep myself company when my other half is working (he’s a Doctor by the way). I’m not entirely sure what my focus will be, most likely it will  be random and all over the place or stories from my life, but hey my friends can say that’s what I’m like in real life…sooooo yeah, enjoy?

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  1. Kim says:

    Love your first post 😭 I always have a hard time answering that too. Like how can someone be so sure of who they are? It’s not weird that we are different around different people, it’s called… adapting? 😶 Idk, but what I know is I’ll look forward to your upcoming stories! Great that you decided to start a blog. I hope you’ll have fun in the blogosphere! 🌟💕

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    1. Thanks :). It seems to be the default at interviews as well…not a great place to have a brain spasm. Yeah I’m really enjoying it so far, just learning how navigate the site!

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      1. Kim says:

        Good luck!!!


  2. kedawithani says:

    lol…this is funny… I have a hard time answering this as well…so I just sweep it under the rug along with everything else I find difficult.

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  3. Katie Kuo says:

    Look forward to reading your posts 😀

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