My Work’s Elevators Prove We Are Living In A Simulation?

So, this thing happened at work that I still can’t comprehend.

One morning at 7.50-ish am I was walking to the building where I work. The ground floor reception has large glass windows that span almost the length of the wall.

Each morning I have a habit of looking through these glass windows to check what floor the elevators are on. We have 3 elevators, it’s not relevant to the story but I thought I would chuck that information in.

One morning, I habitually checked what floor they were on. One of the elevators was already waiting on the ground floor, ‘perfect’ I thought to myself. I walked around the side of the building, through the revolving doors and pushed the elevator button. (Keeping in mind that all this takes about 10 – 15 seconds, depending on how leisurely I’m walking.)


The doors for that ground floor elevator opens. And out walks a person, A PERSON.

We greet, and as step into the elevator I just think to myself, ‘whhaaaa?’ Was that person just standing in the elevator for no reason? Waiting for the doors to open? What were they doing there? How long have they been stood in there?

The same thing happened again about 2 weeks later with a different person! I just don’t understand.

The only logical explanation is that the elevators are magical in some sense, a portal maybe, or maybe this is proof that we are living in a simulation and not all humans are real (i.e. these people are just ‘extras’) and just wait for us ‘real’ humans to come across its path? Because you know, these ‘extra’ human simulation characters are only activated when a ‘real’ active, human character crosses its path.

But yeah, coming back to reality, I still have no idea what I witnessed and what to make of it. And it’s way too awkward to just ask these people what they were doing in the elevator.

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  1. Knackered Dad says:

    Sometimes not knowing is best. The truth could be far more sinister. Or creepy.

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    1. Haha so true. I think I will be confused over this forever!

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  2. pamicdolls says:

    I have so much fun by reading your stories, keep writing it, I love it! šŸ™‚

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  3. floatinggold says:

    Let me ask you some follow-up questions.
    1. How far is the glass from the actual elevators?
    2. Is it possible that the people are not getting out of the one that was already there?
    My guess is that the elevator that was already on ground floor actually went up before you pressed the call button, and another one came down and opened. Or, the one that was on the ground remained on the ground, but another one came down and opened first.


    1. Morning!

      1. The glass is about 3 meters from the actual elevators.

      2. Hmm I think that’s unlikely considering the small distance, but not impossible!! If these were the bullet like elevators you got in skyscrapers, then I would say this could be quite likely.

      These people also worked for the same company, so they would need to go up to at least the third floor and back again in the space of about 10-20ish seconds.

      The elevator in question was the far left of the three; and that’s the one that dinged when I pressed the call button :).

      My other guess is that they didn’t want to go back to work so just chilled at the elevators:).

      Let me know if you can think of more possibilities! I would love to hear them. (If I ever see this happen for a third time, I might be more inclined to ask.)

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      1. floatinggold says:

        Chilling in the elevator. What a fun, interesting idea. If I was to do so, I wouldn’t get out, I would just ride up with you.

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        1. Let’s do that instead of going to work, I would be more than happy to hang out with you :). A couple months ago, one of the elevators broke down and the people inside were stuck in there for a couple hours!

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          1. floatinggold says:

            Sounds like a great idea!
            People get stuck on elevators all the time. They freak out. I think I would enjoy it. (Of course, as long as I had some oxygen to breath in.)


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