This Couch Potato Has Been Gyming

ALAS! At 25, my metabolism has started slowing down.

In the last year I noticed that I was gaining some weight. Nothing too major or obvious, but my trousers felt tighter and I now have love handles.
Though, I will say that there is an obvious benefit to gaining weight, which is… I don’t get as cold in the winter!

So, I’ve been trying to make a commitment to myself for a healthier lifestyle. I’m not too concerned with what the scales say about my weight, I’m more concerned about how my figure looks and how I feel. (We all know that muscle weighs more than fat!)

History – couch potato

I’m a serious couch potato, if you’re interested in how much I love my couch, you can read about it here.

To put things into perspective, here was my typical morning routine on my way to work.

Wake up, brush my teeth while sitting the couch (this girls excuse was that I was still waking up) splash my face with water, get changed, put on my makeup (while sitting on my couch of course) and walk to the train station, a mere less than 10 minute leisurely stroll. At the train station, I would sit to wait for the train. I unfortunately didn’t get a seat on the train as it was always busy. I would, however, lean on the walls of the carriage. I then sat all day at work.

Now, for my evening routine.

Madly dash to the train station from work, stand at the optimum platform location where the train doors would be, fight for a seat, get off at my stop and walk home. At home I would remove my makeup, straight into my joggers and go straight to the couch. This couch had claimed my waking consciousness many times, a couple times I would awake to find my husband carrying me off to bed at night. It’s just so comfortable!

When it was time to shower, I would sit on the floor of the shower. I know, I know, it’s weird to not stand and shower, and I feel ashamed admitting it here. But yes, I am that lazy. I also just want to enjoy my time in the shower, the feeling of the heat and steam is just so relaxing!

I didn’t always live such a sedentary lifestyle. As a kid, I was very active and did a lot of sports. You could often find me outside playing in my bike or running around pretending I was my favourite Pokemon.

I was very active at uni, I was a competitive cheerleader and we had around 7 hours of training per week. And no, competitive cheerleading is not just dancing and screaming, its very rigorous and involves human stunting and tumbling.

(sorry I know the video is wide)

Back to reality

In 2016, I began my first venture into the gym world. I went to gym classes such as zumba, body combat and tums & bums (or the ass class as I like to call it). I admit, I did enjoy going to these classes, but they were all in the evening and when winter rolled round, it got dark by 4pm and all my motivation to go to the classes just drained from my being. How could I make myself leave the warm comfort of my house to the cold, wintery outdoors JUST FOR A GYM CLASS!

I have a strange relationship with exercise, if I don’t get enough physical activity, I genuinely feel quite depressed. Which just feeds into the cycle of not wanting to leave the house JUST TO EXERCISE, even though I know it will make me feel better.

A few months ago, after not exercising for a while, I was stuck in a slump and just felt pretty rubbish about myself. So my husband told me to get my ass to the gym. You know what, I did. Except I didn’t go to classes, I used the actual gym (because then I could go straight from work). It was a foreign world to me, I had no idea what or how to use 95% of the equipment and was too embarrassed to ask. So I just stuck to the basics, cycle and cross trainer. I would use this opportunity to spy on other gym go-ers to learn how they used the machines. After going to the gym a mere two times, I felt amazing and out of that slump I came :).

I found I quickly got bored of exercising for the sakes of exercising, so I remedied this with downloading Netflix episodes and watching them while I workout.

I’ve been getting braver at using new gym equipment, but I’m afraid to try new stuff by myself (I wish I had a gym friend!). I think I can now use 60-ish % of the equipment in the gym! And I’ve been steadily increasing the weights I use.

I’ve changed some habits for my daily routine, like standing on the train and standing while I shower (though sometimes I still sit). For the past year we actually rarely eat snacks now (like crisps and chocolate). But from time to time, I’ll be walking the aisles of the supermarket and grab myself a bag of m&m’s, which I can and will devour within a day (two days if I want to be conservative) .

As we head into summer, and the days get longer. I’m going to (attempt) to go to gym classes. The peer pressure to perform in classes is much greater than if I just work alone in the gym. I’m hoping that this will yield better results as I want some muscle definition for our honeymoon that we have yet to plan.

Is anybody else getting into the fitness mood?

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  1. pamicdolls says:

    I am too, I am doing indoor cycling 3 days a week to keep my fitness. πŸ™‚

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    1. It’s soo hard to motivated to exercise!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. pamicdolls says:

        I know! I have to brainwash myself that I am getting better in shape and the look. Lol ! πŸ˜œπŸ˜…πŸ€ͺπŸ‘ by the way more healthy too.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I wish I had the will to brainwash my brain to want to exercise more

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